delphi start only one instance of application

This smample show how to start only one instance of software per client machine first in Your myapplication.dpr write this code:

Delphi check for valid entered email, works on android

This function checks whether the supplied string is a valid email. Code worked on Win32 platform and ANDROID Compiler.

How to download and execute application from URL

Up to version Delphi 2007 works this code: URLDownloadToFile(nil, PChar(‘\test.exe’), PChar(‘d:\dir\test.exe’), 0, nil); WinExec(PChar(‘d:\dir\test.exe’),SW_NORMAL); After Delphi 2007 procedures for executin file is changed to: ShellExecute(self.WindowHandle,’open’,pchar(‘d:\dir\test.exe’),nil,nil, SW_SHOWNORMAL);

Calculate EAN 13 barcode checksum

Delphi code for calculating checksum of given 12 symbols from EAN 13 barcode

Delphi stretch columns of the StringGrid

This procedure fit the sizes of column of string grid to their actual sizes.

Delphi, how to get serial number of hard disk where installed application

Delphi, процедура за проверка за валидно ЕГН

Deplhi, проверка за валиден Булстат на фирма

Това е проверка само дали е валиден булстата на фирмата не и за това дали фирмата е активна и дали е преустановила дейност!!! До края на 2014 година АП и НАП искаха 30000 лв. за да може софтуерна фирма да има достъп до регистъра за установяване на валидност на булстат, но през 2015 обещаха цената […]

Delphi how to check file version of two files

By trial found an easy way to compare whether a file is a new version of the other Here is code:

Delphi XE, how to make archive ZIP files or extract files from ZIP, with build in functions

Delphi after version Xe have unit system.Zip, with this unit Zip andUNzip functions are easy 🙂

proecedure to extract files from ZIP