Android How To Make Text Input Dialog

Android Get WiFi Strength Percentage

To work this function in your AndroidMainfest add lines:

Android check Wireless (WiFi) Connected

To work this function in your AndroidMainfest add lines:

Android how to phone or tablet Vibrate programmatically

  first step is in file AndroidManifest.xml put line

in your code put this function:

good interval is between and 50 and 100

Android convert Dip to Pixels

There is routines to pixels from dip and back from resolution

Delphi how to store button in StringGrid

I have StringGrid having buttons in table for some actions… There is my way to show buttons in grid: first is to fill table with cell values… secound is to assign cell with button var b:TspeedButton; r:Trect; begin r:= StringGrid1.CellRect(1,1); b:=TSpeedButton.Create(StringGrid1); b.Parent:=StringGrid1; b.Top:=r.Top; b.Left:=r.Left; b.Height:=r.Bottom-r.Top; b.Width:=r.right-r.right; b.Visible:=true; b.Caption:=’Test’; b.OnClick:=SpeedButtonClick; StringGrid1.Objects[col,i]:=b; StringGrid1.InvalidateCell(1,1); end;

delphi start only one instance of application

This smample show how to start only one instance of software per client machine first in Your myapplication.dpr write this code:

Delphi check for valid entered email, works on android

This function checks whether the supplied string is a valid email. Code worked on Win32 platform and ANDROID Compiler.

PHP translate shorth month name

This procedure sow how to translate in own language short month names

usage :